For over forty years I was in clinical practice and worked with adolescents and adults, couples, families, and psychotherapy groups.  In 1998 I began my training in The Nia Technique, a mind/body/emotions practice made up of movements from the dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts.  I have a 1st Degree Nia Black Belt and have taught in-person Nia classes in the Boston, Massachusetts area at Wellbridge, Facing Cancer Together, and Laughing Dog Yoga.  I have led over forty workshops at group psychotherapy conferences that help group therapists to develop embodied attunement through movement and sensory based practices. 


Dr. Suzanne L. Cohen
Dr. Cohen also provides consulting services through Science Management Associates, and is a co-author, along with Dr. Carl M. Cohen, of the book "Lab Dynamics: Management and Leadership Skills for Scientists" Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Third Edition, 2018, available through Amazon
Suzanne L. Cohen, Ed.D., CGP-R, FAGPA

Nia Somatic Educator


Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings at 10:30 am Eastern Time. 

My classes empower everyBODY to optimize their physical and emotional well-being through the transformative practice of The Nia Technique.  Classes foster a safe, supportive, and inclusive community that helps students connect with their bodies and minds, discover deeper self-awareness, and achieve long-lasting health and vitality throughout the health-span.

Nia Mindful Movement classes are holistic and are based on the dance arts, the martial arts, and the healing arts.  Music gives you the inspiration to choose movement that feels good, in your own way and in your own time.   Classes focus on awareness of your body sensations so that you can make choices that bring joy and pleasure to your body and life.

Somatic resources invite our mind/body to attune to sensations of comfort and pleasure, however small they may be. This begins  the process of teaching our nervous system that it can experience stress, and then come back to a bodily state of wellbeing.

Classes are ideal for active seniors, those with physical limitations, and anyone of any age who wants to use movement and music to relieve stress.  The class is for people of all ages, body types, and levels of fitness, and can be done seated or standing.  The classes are fun and enjoyable; relaxation and restorative breath are included.

The fee for all classes is $60 for 5 classes.  Your first class is free of charge.

Contact Suzanne for more information and  class Zoom link

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